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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jennifer Murray, LMT (Owner of Suncook Village Massage Therapy) I have owned SVMT since 2006 and    have also been a massage therapy instructor for the past 5+ years. I strive to continue my massage education for the benefit of my clients and their needs. My goal is to be able to help many people with as many skills as possible. 

When I began Suncook Village Massage Therapy I had big hopes and dreams of helping or (fixing) people.  I wanted to help people and make them feel better or just plain feel good. I started Suncook Village Massage Therapy in 2006 with those hopes and dreams and feel that I have accomplished that and more.  I have an established clientelle but continue to want to do more to make Suncook Village Massage Therapy the BEST.  Continuing education is something I believe is the only way I will be able to help my clients in every aspect of their care.  I am continually striving to make your massage experience the best you have ever had.  

Massage has the ability to help in many ways: anywhere from injury prevention and rehabilitation from injuries to relaxation and general wellness. I enjoy the opportunity to aid clients with a wide range of issues to help them achieve their personal goals and to start feeling better.

After being alone for many years

 I have added a great massage therapist to my practice that I believe holds my same values, Vikki Leonard, LMT.  I am confident and proud of her abilities and her passion.  I personally helped educate and train her and know that she is able to help my clients as well or better then me. She has shown that she has the same drive to continue her education and is able to offer services that I am not able to.  I am grateful for the opportunity to offer her services as great massage therapists in my practice.  

To book an appointment check out the link for Schedulicity on our Contact page or to get more information about us please check out our profiles on the Staff page.  

Hope to see you soon,

Jennifer Murray, LMT